About Devgineer™, Inc.

The name Devgineer™ is coined from the words developer and engineer. The “dev” in developer, points to our passion for custom software written to spec in beautifully formatted code. The second half of the name, “gineer” in engineer, comes from a time when developers, programmers, and coders weren't considered engineers. The term engineer was reserved for the infrastructure people such as network engineer and system engineer.

When Devgineer™ was founded, every role within an IT department was compartmentalized except in limited circumstances. Over the years we've realized this is the best route for most people in order for a business to remain efficient. We continue to focus on custom software development and managing the infrastructure supports it providing value added products and services centered around those goals.

The name also encapsulates our commitment to our clients and projects.

  • We develop information systems and software solutions that bring your ideas for technology to life.
  • We engineer those ideas to account for future growth and security risks.

The founders natural ability to find existing solutions to common problems has allowed the company to grow and develop software prototypes in industries that include financial, health, legal, retail, marketing, education and entertainment.

Projects at Devgineer have also allowed the founder to work on securing critical infrastructure for the City of Los Angeles, City of Cypress, City of Santa Barbara, City of Paramount, City of Burbank, City of Long Beach, the U.S. Forest Service, and an American manufacturer.

This experience along with the knowledge necessary in running a business allows our Lead consultant to intelligently discuss how computer resources and software development projects will affect your bottom line and fit within your budgets.

Call Devgineer™ to discuss your IT or software development projects and how we can become a long term partner that helps your business run smoothly.

Toll Free within the U.S. (877) DEVGINEER, (877) 338-4463.
+1 307 459 5040

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President & Lead Consultant
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Software Engineering
  • Microsoft MCITP: Enterprise Administrator
  • Microsoft Small Business Specialist
  • CompTIA Security+